• Lina Quesada’s twitter and LinkedIN – Stay up to date with our veggie pathology news using any of the social media sites.
  • Department of Entomology and Plant Pathology – Contains more information about extension and can direct you to the work of other NCSU Plant Pathology faculty.  This link also contains more information if you are curious about graduate and undergraduate studies in plant pathology.
  • N.C. Plant Sciences Initiative (PSI) -Learn more about the PSI’s interdisciplinary research teams and their extraordinary impact.
  • The Plant Patholgy Extension Portal – This website was created to centralize crop disease information for commercial growers, home gardeners and extension agents in NC.
  • North Carolina Agriculture Chemicals Manual – Provides detailed information for recommended chemicals for controlling specific diseases and other agricultural pests.
  • North Carolina State University Cooperative Extension – The NC Extension has agents in every county. County agents are the bridge between the state’s people and Extension specialists like Lina Quesada working at the state’s land-grant universities. You can locate your county’s agent through this website.
  • eXtension – Interactive learning environment delivering consolidated knowledge from land-grant universities across the U.S.
  • Cucurbit downy mildew IPM Pipe – Provides up to date information on the current and predicted spread of cucurbit downy mildew.  Is an alternative source from this site to learn about cucurbit downy mildew and what to scout for.
  • CDMS Label Database – Free search engine for plant protection products. Has updated and searchable information on labeled products for a particular crop, disease, and state if you use the Other Search Options.