Disease Fact Sheets

Effective management of vegetable diseases starts by understanding how pathogens are transmitted, what environmental conditions are favorable for disease, and what crops may be more susceptible to a particular pathogen. Education on these areas is key, therefore we have developed a series of fact sheets describing several vegetable diseases and providing information on how to manage the pathogens causing them. If there are fact sheets for specific diseases that you would like to see published in the future, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Cucurbits: Cucumber, watermelon, squash, cantaloupe, pumpkin

Anthracnose of cucurbits

Cucurbit downy mildew

Cucurbit powdery mildew

Fusarium wilt of watermelon

Gummy stem blight of cucurbits


Lettuce drop

Solanaceae: Pepper, potato, and tomato

Botrytis gray mold of tomato

Phytophthora blight of peppers

Potato late blight

Tomato late blight


Black rot of sweetpotato

Fusarium root rot of sweetpotato

Geotrichum sour rot of sweetpotato

Rhizopus soft rot of sweetpotato

Southern blight of sweetpotato

Sweetpotato root knot nematode

Sweetpotato scurf

Other specialty crops: Hop, basil

Basil downy mildew

Hop downy mildew